Fycompa Dosing App for iPad Denmark

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ライフスタイル メディカル
開発者 Eisai Europe Limited


This app is for EU healthcare professionals only. If you are a member of the public who has been prescribed Fycompa (perampanel), please speak to your own healthcare professional for further information.

Developed by Eisai, the Fycompa App is specifically designed for Healthcare Professionals who prescribe Fycompa. This dosing and titration app will enable you to work out the optimum dosing regimen for your patient and check for interaction with other therapies your patient has been prescribed.

Adverse reactions should be reported to Eisai on nordic_medinfo@eisai.net or +46 8 50101600

Please help us by not talking directly about specific drugs or named medicines. Please use the review section to comment on the app only. Report all adverse events using the contact details above.

Date of preparation: August 2012 Job Number: Perampanel- FYC12007